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Dr. Cynthia May
"Why Inclusion?  Because Christ Said So! AND Inclusion Benefits ALL
Students" - Children with developmental and intellectual disabilities have
historically been not only neglected but at times fully rejected by the Catholic
school system.  When a parent of a child with disabilities tries to enroll that child
in Catholic school, the typical response is, “We simply don’t have the
resources.”  This presentation will focus on the many positive consequences of
full inclusion for the entire school community, including pedagogical innovation,
enhanced academic performance for every student, social and moral
development, and the fulfillment of pro-life values.

“Inclusion:  How Students with Disabilities are Succeeding in High School
and College.”  - This presentation described new model programs that have
successfully included students with intellectual disabilities at both the high
school and college level.  The programs feature differentiated instruction, peer
mentor programs, faculty support, and a commitment to the fundamental belief
that students from a range of cognitive abilities will continue to learn if provided
a rich, rewarding learning environment.  
Mrs. Beth Foraker
Mr. David Perry
“Under Construction:  Building an Inclusive Learning Environment (On a
Budget)” - This presentation will be an interactive opportunity to discuss ways to
build an inclusive learning environment at your school and within reasonable
budgetary constraints.
Mrs. Foraker and Mr. Perry will discuss the steps that
have been taken at St. James Elementary School, Davis, Ca. in working to this
goal. Recognizing that there is still much work to be done,
they will share what
has been implemented and what the future holds. A cornerstone of the process
for St. James has been the implementation of the Student Success Team (SST)
designed to identify meaningful interventions that will allow for the inclusion of
all students in the Catholic school classroom. Bring your questions and your
nest practices to share with the group.
Mrs. Rosalia F. Gallo
Mrs. Claudia Leary
"Individuals with Disabilities Education Act (IDEA) Private School
Obligations" This session will provide the participants with information
related to the IDEA obligations to parentally- placed private school students.  
Child Find procedures and the process of meaningful consultation with private
school representatives and representatives of parents of parentally placed
private school students with disabilities will be presented.   
Rev. Mark T. Reeves
“Parents as Primary Educators and Advocates” - This presentation will
address the role of parents as the primary educators of, and advocates for, their
children from a canonical perspective.  The purpose of this presentation is to
highlight the rights and obligations of parents in relation to the education of their
children, with particular emphasis on inclusive education in Catholic institutions.
Mr. Larry D. Keough
Mrs. Jaclyn A. Keough
“All Children are Gifts from God”Larry and Jaclyn Keough will share their
Choose Life perspectives and the Respect Life connection with disability and
inclusion.  They will explain the meaning behind one Jaclyn’s favorite phrases:  
“Children are gifts from God whose packages open at various times in their
Mr. Lex Reina
"Assistive Technology Considerations In and Out of the Classroom”This
presentation will provide a general assistive technology discussion (home,
computer access, communication, vehicle, work site, with a focus on the school
Dr. Tricia Cassel
“Teaching Strategies, Accommodations and Modifications” - Different
techniques, including accommodations, remediations, and modifications that
will help the students with disabilities be successfully incorporated and
integrated into general education classrooms.
Juan Oscar "Papo"Pollo
“Inclusion in Church Ministry”Papo will share the story of how he, along with
his friends from Church, has been able to become an active participant in the
life of his parish and is fully included in all Campus Ministry activities.
Dr. Kevin Baxter
“Bumps in the Road: The Challenge of Implementing a Catholic Inclusion
Program” will center on the concrete challenges that face administrators and
teachers at a school that implements Catholic inclusion. The challenges will
include: legal (504 responsibilities), financial, attitudinal (both from a parent
and staff perspective) and logistical.  
Click below for school forms used by the
Archdiocese of Los Angeles Department of Catholic Schools:  
Inclusion Policies and Procedures
Minor Adjustments Plan (MAP)
Support Team Education Plan (STEP)
STEP and MAP Flow Chart