At The Seton Academy we
seek to open wide our arms
and our hearts to assisting
and to serving all our
students in a caring and
inclusive Catholic school
community where God’s
unconditional love is made
known to all.  The Seton
Academy is dedicated to
excellence where the
Gospel values are not only
taught but also lived in
accordance with our
Catholic faith.  At The
Seton Academy all
students are valued as
individuals and learn
together in general
education classrooms.  
Research has proven the
benefits of inclusive
education for students with
and without disabilities and
the failure of segregated
systems of education.

Inclusive Religious Education for All Children, Inc.
A Model School for
Catholic Inclusive Education
To provide an authentic Catholic
education aiming at forming in
the students the virtues "by the
integration of culture with faith
and of faith with living."  (“The
Catholic School,” No. 49, The
Sacred Congregation of Catholic
Education).  The Seton Academy
will serve as a model for
Catholic inclusive education,
rooted in the teachings and
spirituality of St. Elizabeth Ann
Seton, our Patron Saint.  Our
work is inspired and guided by
the words found in Mark’s
Gospel:  “And people were
bringing children to him that He
might touch them, but the
disciples rebuked them.  When
Jesus saw this he became
indignant and said to them, Let
the children come to me; do not
prevent them, for the kingdom of
God belongs to such as these.”
(Mark 10:13-14)

Lilly Rangel-Díaz
Ana Gallego
Silvia M. Mendive

Sofía Baquedano Acosta
Adolfo Díaz
Carolina A. Echarte
Nicolás Gutiérrez, Esq.
Rev. Fr. Omar Huesca
Rosa María Olsen-Barbará
St. Elizabeth Ann Seton,
pray for us!
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